Keen Attention Makes One Inland Empire Mortuary Different from Another

“There’s no doubt that Rivers wanted to go out with a bang, similar to what made her jokes funny and well-loved. While her funeral was undoubtedly extravagant, it nonetheless demonstrated the fact that 62 percent of people nowadays want a personalized funeral; the majority of whom are ‘baby boomers’. As such, funeral homes like Inland Memorial Inc., a renowned Inland Empire mortuary, make it a point to always heed the deceased person’s last requests, within reason. To that end, they offer not only traditional funeral services, but also cremations and actual burials.

True enough, most people are like Joan Rivers, in that they’d rather want their funerals to be celebrations of the lives they lived rather than times for mourning. Good music and beautiful flowers are just two of the things that families and friends look for in their loved one’s funerals, something that most funeral homes are happy to provide.


Cremation or Burial: An Inland Empire Mortuary Offers Funeral Choices

“This trend certainly shows no signs of abating. According to the most-recent statistics from the National Funeral Directors Association, about 43 percent of all funerals in the U.S. involved cremation. In addition, Nevada has the most number of cremations than any other state– about 74.2 percent in 2012.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, to see neighboring California also following the trend, with even a traditional, family-owned mortuary in Inland Empire, like Inland Memorial Inc., now offering crematory services in addition to burials. Mortuary services know that it’s not just the cost that motivates today’s families to prefer cremations over traditional funerals.”