Advanced Funeral Planning in the Inland Empire: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Decide on the Basics.

Determine the type of disposition that you or your loved one prefers, since that will affect several factors. Will it be a traditional burial, an entombment, or cremation? Afterward, decide where and when the service will be held (i.e. before or after being laid to rest). Make sure these plans don’t violate any rituals or religious beliefs you subscribe to.

Step 2: Make Personal Wishes Known.

Identify any arrangements that you or your loved one would want. Consider details such as preferred ministers (if any), eulogists, music, displayed photos, etc. If you or your loved one wants it to be a colorful and joyous celebration instead of a solemn event, voice it out, put it in writing, or make it known to whoever is responsible for carrying the plans out.