Planning Funeral Services in Inland Empire: A Look at Three Essentials

“Planning a funeral service can be challenging, and surviving families in the Inland Empire would benefit from getting the best mortuary service provider in the area. Surviving family members should take note of three critical things when planning funeral services in Inland Empire.

Service facilitator

If the deceased was a member of any religious or spiritual group, surviving family members can contact that institution and request a representative to facilitate the service. The house of worship may have certain funeral rituals or literature readings that they follow that may have been what the deceased would want.”


Funeral Planning in Inland Empire Makes Final Farewells Less Stressful

“Specifically, she pointed out the benefits of pre-planning, a service provided by mortuary homes throughout the U.S., including in the Inland Empire, California. This service allows individuals to plan their funerals while they’re still alive. This is the opposite of at-need planning, which are funeral plans made by friends or kin of the departed at the time of death or right before the funeral itself.

As in other parts of the country, respected providers of funeral planning in Inland Empire, like Inland Memorial Inc., encourage people to pre-plan, because at-need funeral plans are not only more difficult and stressful to make, but are also typically more expensive. In addition to the cost, there are other reasons that make pre-planned funerals ideal.”


Inside an Inland Empire Funeral Home, Be Considerate at All Times

Inland Memorial is the Inland Empire funeral home that puts the respect and comfort of our clients first. We understand that you’ve experienced a great loss, and we strive to help you plan the memorial service that your loved ones deserve. We have found that through providing a funeral planning process that is easy and stress-free, we have helped our clients to more easily endure the grieving process. Here are a few actions that we believe show consideration.

Demonstrate genuine concern

Knowing what to say or how to act in a funeral home is not always clear, so most guests would ask themselves, “What if I say the wrong thing? What can I do to make them feel better?” and try to repress their anxiety by offering justifications. Instead of being awkward, show genuine concern. Offer your condolences and don’t talk more than you should.


Cremation or Burial: An Inland Empire Mortuary Offers Funeral Choices

“This trend certainly shows no signs of abating. According to the most-recent statistics from the National Funeral Directors Association, about 43 percent of all funerals in the U.S. involved cremation. In addition, Nevada has the most number of cremations than any other state– about 74.2 percent in 2012.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, to see neighboring California also following the trend, with even a traditional, family-owned mortuary in Inland Empire, like Inland Memorial Inc., now offering crematory services in addition to burials. Mortuary services know that it’s not just the cost that motivates today’s families to prefer cremations over traditional funerals.”


Inland Empire Funeral Planning: For Your Loved One’s Sacred Moments

Equally important is a funeral service that helps the surviving family members accept the reality of death, which is the first big step toward expressing grief through mourning. Together with relatives and close friends, the funeral service provider can lend support and consolation when they’re needed most.

A funeral is a sacred affair; it allows those left behind to have a beautiful service to commemorate their loved one, experience peace and acceptance, and most of all, know that they did all they could for someone who was important to them. These services are designed both for the person who passed away and for those left to carry on. A company specializing in funeral and cremation planning in Inland Empire, such as Inland Memorial, can help you plan and carry out a meaningful memorial service for your loved one with utmost professionalism and respect.